Spider-Man Surprises New Yorkers and Stan Lee by Getting Coffee at Starbucks!

Imagine you venture to your neighborhood coffee house in need of a caffeinated beverage to start your day, and as you stand in line, lost in thought thinking about how epic Spider-Man: Homecoming will be when it comes to theaters on July 7, Spider-Man IRL literally drops down from the ceiling to get his iced cup of joe. Would you be shocked? Amazed? Would you think that you must still be dreaming and that you really need some coffee? We would feel all of these emotions. And as it turns out, this really happened in a New York City Starbucks. Getting coffee will never be the same for these New Yorkers—or for Stan Lee (Marvel genius and soon-to-be Disney Legend) who was seen trying to capture this moment on his phone! Take a look for yourself:

AMAZING. Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, recommended the cold brew as he showcased some super acrobatic moves jumping on tables, impressing onlookers, and Stan Lee, who was snapping pics of the comic book character he helped create! This moment made our day. Now excuse us while we venture to our nearest Starbucks, ready to order a grande cold brew. Maybe we’ll see Spider-Man in person!? (Fingers crossed!)

Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as Michelle. We’ll be ready to watch this amazing new adventure with our coffees in hand when it comes to theaters July 7!

What would you do if you saw Spider-Man at your local coffee house, and how excited are you to see Spider-Man: Homecoming? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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