Meet the Cast of Marvel’s New Warriors Series Coming to Freeform!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting more details about Marvel’s New Warriors series coming to Freeform in 2018, and now we’re thrilled to share that the cast has been announced! As we already know, the live-action half-hour comedy will feature 6 heroic young Marvel characters including Squirrel Girl, Mister Immortal, Night Thrasher, Speedball, Microbe, and Debrii. The series will highlight the ups and downs of growing up with powers, balancing both bad villains and bad dates. We’re so excited for this show! Let’s meet the cast:

Milana Vayntrub is Squirrel Girl, aka Doreen Green

She’s enthusiastic, optimistic, and her BFF is a pet squirrel named Tippy Toe. And she has impressive acrobatic skills. We want to be her friend already!

Derek Theler is Mister Immortal, aka Craig Hollis

He says he can’t die–ever! Or at least, that’s what he tells people. No one really knows for sure, and he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to put his theory to the test.

Jeremy Tardy is Night Thrasher, aka Dwayne Taylor

He’s confident, intelligent, and believes in justice. He also believes in shameless self-promotion, which can actually be a pretty super skill, in our opinion.

Calum Worthy is Speedball, aka Robbie Baldwin

You may recognize Worthy from Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. His character, Speedball, has an incredible ability to throw kinetic balls of energy. Now that’s cool! Unfortunately, his kinetic-energy-ball-throws are totally out of control.

Matthew Moy is Microbe, aka Zack Smith

He’s a hypochondriac who can talk to germs. Germs tell him where people have been and can even reveal what people have eaten! Is this weird or amazing? We’re not sure. But we can’t wait to learn more about this intriguing ability.

Kate Comer is Debrii, aka Deborah Fields

She has telekinetic powers, which means she can move things with her mind. Can she move mountains? Pianos? A TV? Well, no … no she can’t. But she can move a paper cup! Not bad, not bad. That’s more than we can do.

What a great cast. We are so ready to see this crew in action when Marvel’s New Warriors comes to Freeform in 2018! Which New Warriors character are you most excited to meet? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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