See the Beautiful Concept Art for Disneytoon Studios’ Next Original Animated Film

Believe us when we say the Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios panel at D23 Expo was one of the most epic things we have ever seen in our lives. The panel was hosted by chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios John Lasseter, who’s literally the best human. One of the many amazing moments in the panel was the announcement of Disneytoon Studios’ next original animated film. For now it doesn’t have a title, but we do know that it will be directed by Klay Hall and Bobs Gannaway, and produced by Ferrell Barron. The theatrical feature film will explore the future of aviation—taking moviegoers to the edge of discovery in the air—and beyond.

Lasseter told us in the panel that the team at Disneytoon Studios has been working really hard to create a new film to celebrate the next horizon and the progress we’ve made to push towards the furthest edges of aviation. Lasseter said, “To give you a taste of where we’re going with this, we’ve created a piece we’ve simply called the speed test.” He then showed us a breathtaking clip of a beautiful aircraft, a still of which you can see here:

One emotion: joy. This “Untitled DTS Film” from Disneytoon Studios opens in theaters on April 12, 2019 and we can’t wait to learn more.


Posted 5 years Ago
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