6 Things We Learned From the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Panel at D23 Expo

Already making your holiday plans? Why not book a return to Arendelle to see all your favorite Frozen characters in the upcoming featurette, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure? This year’s D23 Expo had a panel dedicated to the next chapter in the Frozen mythos, and we learned a few new details that have us wishing it were November.

1. Olaf gets carried away (literally) trying to find new holiday traditions.


During the panel, the audience was treated to not one but two sequences from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. In one of them, Olaf sings a new festive song as he goes door to door throughout the kingdom to find each family’s special holiday tradition.

In the other, he and Sven have collected a bevy of traditions in a trusty sleigh… until a rogue coal from a sauna (donated by Oaken, of course) puts their plan in jeopardy.

2. One of the new songwriters, Kate Anderson, is the sister of Frozen’s Oscar-winning songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Talent certainly runs in this family! Kate Anderson is one half of the songwriting duo (along with Elyssa Samsel) who contributed four new original songs for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. One of these songs is “When We’re Together,” which Kate and Elyssa performed live on stage to the surprise of the audience!

3. The symbols of the Jule Bell and the Julebukk will feature prominently.

Like the rosemaling in Frozen and the sunflower in Frozen Fever, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure has specific visual motifs that are scattered throughout the world. The Jule Bell (pronounced Yule Bell) signals the many holiday traditions in Arendelle.

The Julebukk translates to “Yule Goat,” and it’s part of actual Scandinavian customs once Christmastime rolls around. In Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, you can see the Julebukk as a design on Anna’s dress and as a traditional goat figurine made out of straw.

In short, keep your eyes peeled for bells and goats!

4. John Lasseter loved the music so much that he may have shed a few tears.

This songwriting pair has certainly delivered with the songs we were able to hear. In fact, songwriters Elyssa and Kate even mentioned that John Lasseter teared up when he saw all the songs come to life in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

5. Josh Gad would riff with the directors, and some of those ad-libbed lines ended up in the final featurette.

We got to watch a clip of Josh’s process in the recording booth, and he playfully adds to Olaf’s written lines to throw in a little extra flair for the optimistic snowman.

6. Kittens!

Lastly, Elyssa and Kate proclaimed that they love kittens so much, they had to leave their mark on the featurette by adding a few cute felines. They pop up during Olaf’s song, and Elyssa even got the chance to voice the cutest one.

To see all of this and more, be sure to catch Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in theatres when it airs ahead of Disney•Pixar’s Coco beginning on November 22, 2017.

Posted 4 years Ago
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