We Got to Watch the “Circle of Life” Sequence From the Upcoming Live-Action Lion King, and Wow. Just Wow.

If you’ve been fretting and wondering what the new live-action retelling of The Lion King would be like, it’s time for you to sing “Hakuna Matata!” We just got to watch the opening “Circle of Life” sequence for the film, and it was amazing.

Director Jon Favreau came out to introduce the footage at “Disney, Marvel Studios & Lucasfilm – Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios” panel at D23 Expo, and we just can’t get over how amazing it was. People in the audience were oohing and aahing throughout, and we’ll just go right ahead and say it: we all wept.

Here are some things to know about the sequence:

  1. Everyone cheered when we first saw Rafiki.

  2. Baby Simba was absolutely adorable!

    Everyone said “awww” in unison when he was first shown.

  3. It was basically a shot-for-shot version of the animated opening.

    And it was incredible!

  4. The animals looked like real animals.

    But they were also super recognizable as their characters.

  5. Simba sneezed and it was so cute.

    Also, we still can’t believe we saw Rafiki in real life, pretty much.

    This was an unforgettable moment that took us back to our childhoods in the best way. We can’t wait to see the full version of the movie!

Posted 5 years Ago
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