Colin O’Donoghue Sang Hook’s Song and Other Things That Brought Us Joy in the Once Upon a Time Panel at D23 Expo

Pure joy is what we were feeling by the end of ABC’s Once Upon A Time panel at D23 Expo.  We learned some things about what the next season will bring from creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, and we also got to see Colin O’Donoghue (who plays Hook) answer some questions, talk about guyliner, and sing a song. Here are all the things that made as weep with happiness:

We Got a Look at Next Season

Which will take place in Seattle, where Henry now lives. In the sneak peek, a young girl named Lucy has an illustrated book, similar to the one Henry Mills had. She is on a bus with the book, then is in an apartment building. She knocks on a door. A man opens the door. Lucy says, “Hi. Are you Henry Mills?” Henry replies, “Yes.” Then Lucy drops some truth: “My name is Lucy. I’m you’re daughter.” WHAT! When Henry says he doesn’t have family, Lucy replies, “You do now. Come on, your family needs you.” Mic. Drop. Already loving this Lucy character.

Henry Will Find Himself in an Entirely New Enchanted Forest With New Characters

Eddy explained that, “What’s interesting to us is that these books tell these stories, a lot of them about these classic characters … new books could have some different versions of the same stories … there are some fairy tales in some countries and a different version in another.” With that in mind, in the new Enchanted Forest, Henry will have a wife! And she is a different version of Cinderella! She is played by Dania Ramirez and we got a first look at an on set photo of her and Henry (with a carriage in the background!) Eddy added: “If we remember, Henry’s grandfather is Prince Charming, so we have the grandson of Prince Charming with a new Cinderella.” Love it. Take a look:

We Might See Our Faves From Last Season Return Again

When asked if we might see some of the characters again, Eddie said, “I would be disappointed if we didn’t.” When asked if we’d ever see Storybrooke again, he replied, “I think that we may see it a few times throughout the year, absolutely.” Yay!

Everything That Happened Before Matters

Although next season will see new characters and a new places, Eddy and Adam assured us that the journey we’ve all been on with Once Upon A Time really matters and will come into play.

Colin Discussed Guyliner in Detail

We all know Hook wears a lot of guyliner. Eddy started this conversation when talking about Henry by saying: “He’s got a cool stepdad … the only thing he’s missing is the guy liner.” Then he joked: “That’s Episode 3 … they go to Sephora together in Seattle.” Then Colin joked that he should start a guyliner line. Yes to all of this.

The Once Upon A Time Cast Loved Making the Musical Episode as Much as We Loved Watching it

We saw some adorable BTS footage of the cast, including Jennifer Morrison (Emma) and Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) saying how excited they were for it. The best. #CaptainSwanForever

Colin Sang “Revenge is Gonna Be Mine” From the Musical Episode

And it was pitch perfect and absolutely amazing! Heart eyes emoji.

We absolutely cannot wait for the next season of Once Upon A Time and will be counting the days until we see more of Henry Mills and Lizzie.



Posted 2 years Ago
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