Darkwing Duck, Howard the Duck, and All Things Duck During the DuckTales Panel at D23 Expo

Woo-oo feels like an understatement. The second day of D23 Expo has brought plenty of galactic news, marvelous surprises, and royal moments – and the excitement only continued with the DuckTales panel.

Matt Youngberg (Executive Producer), Francisco Angones (Co-Producer and Story Editor), Sean Himinez (Art Director), Ben Schwartz (voice of Dewey Duck), Kate Micucci (voice of Webby), Toks Olagundoye (voice of Mrs. Beakley), and Beck Bennett (voice of Launchpad McQuack) were all present to share their favorite moments from working on the new Disney Channel series as well as answer fan questions. And boy, did those questions deliver some exciting answers! Here’s what we learned:

1. Better watch out because Darkwing Duck just might make an appearance.

When one fan asked if the new show would ever bring back any other classic Disney Afternoon characters like Darkwing Duck, Angones provided this appropriately shadowy response: “Are you referring to the terror that flaps in the night? [pause] I have never heard of this character. Next question.” Suffice to say, things could get dangerous pretty soon on DuckTales.

2. Duckworth has already been shown and no one has noticed.

Apparently, one mystery has yet to be solved! After being asked where Duckworth is in the opening credits – and if he would even return in the series – Youngberg said, “We have already premiered Duckworth and nobody’s found him.” Schwartz had this to add: “There are some real tasty treats in that opening sequence. I’d recommend watching multiple times.” Consider it done.

3. Donald Duck plays a much larger role in this new series.

Having joined the U.S. Navy, Donald was mostly absent in the original series. This time though, the writers wanted to not only emphasize his relationship with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but also with Scrooge. Said Angones, “It goes back to the theme of family and exploring the rich legacy of this iconic family. That’s where the heart and fun ultimately lie.”

4. Howard the Duck will not be popping up anytime soon.

Despite sharing the same winged anatomy as DuckTales, this quirky Marvel comics character won’t be crossing over into the tales of derring-do. When asked about the likelihood, Youngberg chuckled and responded, “Unfortunately no. But I encourage you all to start a very robust letter writing campaign.”

5. Original DuckTales episodes will return!

Obviously, the new DuckTales is very much inspired by the original. But just how literal has that inspiration been? “The team actually re-created episodes from original series and brought them to life in this new form. One of my personal favorites, ‘Double-O Duck,’ laid the groundwork for a new episode.’” Nostalgic and new? This series can’t come soon enough!

Posted 4 years Ago
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