Darkwing Duck Is Going to Be in DuckTales and More Things We Learned at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con can accurately be described as a “duck-blur” on most occasions, but that was especially true last Friday as the cast and creative team of DuckTales came together to give fans even more insight and sneak peeks into the new show. From confirming some major rumors, to showcasing a new clip from the show, here are nine things we learned during the panel:


1. Darkwing Duck is going to be in DuckTales! Cue all the nostalgia!

Last week at D23 Expo, co-producer and story editor Francisco Angones was a bit coy about whether or not the terror that flaps in the night would make an appearance in DuckTales. But, things are definitely going to get dangerous on DuckTales, as Angones showed off concept art of Darkwing Duck! You know we can’t wait to see this.

2. Actually, a whole slew of Darkwing Duck and DuckTales characters will be in the show.

Angones told the audience that we were going to watch a super exclusive clip from the show—so exclusive, he had to show it on his personal laptop. While trying to find the clip, he “accidentally” showed off loads of concept art that featured classic DuckTales and Darkwing Duck characters like Magica De Spell, Megavolt, Quackerjack, and of course, Darkwing Duck. Our childhood selves are on the ceiling at the thought of seeing all of our Disney Afternoon friends on our televisions once more.

3. The creative team decided it was finally time to figure out why we always say “Huey, Dewey, and Louie.”

Angones and executive producer Matt Youngberg wanted to give Donald’s famous nephews core personalities that audiences could relate to. In creating those backstories, Angones and Youngberg pondered why we always say the names of the nephews in that very specific order: Huey, Dewey and lastly, Louie. So, they decided that it must be the triplets’ birth order! Huey (voiced by Dani Pudi), is the oldest and most responsible. Dewey (voiced by Ben Schwartz) is the middle child, always looking for attention. And finally, Louie (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) is the youngest, who really just wants to sit around and watch TV all day. You can guess which character we relate to the most already (spoiler alert: it’s Louie).

4. David Tennant helps the writers with the Scottish dialect on the show.

When you look up the term “perfect casting” in the dictionary (we’re sure that’s in there), you’d see a picture of David Tennant voicing Scrooge McDuck. In fact, the casting is so on point, Tennant helps the creative team with some of the Scottish references. We got to see some of that in action when a fan asked if Tennant could break out a bit of Scrooge McDuck for the audience. Angones then wrote Tennant a script on the spot that included some of McDuck’s famous Scottish-inspired phrases (“Curse me kilts!”).

(Disney XD/Matt Petit)

5. The cast each prepared for their roles in interesting ways.

Tennant joked that he lived with ducks, while Ben Schwartz told the audience he watched the original series and decided to not wear pants for a year like his character Dewey. There is some serious method acting happening on this show.

6. There will be plenty of homages to the original series, while still expanding on the DuckTales world.

With classic characters returning, as well as new ones (like tech billionaire villain Mark Beaks), you can tell the creative team really cares about the DuckTales story. In fact, Angones shared that The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck comic was mandatory reading for all of the writers on the show. There will also be plenty of Disney easter eggs, so keep your eyes open for those!

(Disney XD/Matt Petit)

7. David Tennant’s favorite part about Scrooge McDuck is how much of an enigma he is.

When asked about why Scrooge McDuck is such a beloved character, Tennant shared that he thinks it has to do with McDuck’s mysterious past. “You never quite ever get the full picture,” explained Tennant. “With every episode that arises, there’s a new corner of his past unfurled. And he’s clearly been around for quite a long time … there are so many skeletons in his closet, so many adventures in his past, that keep propelling the story forward.”

8. Launchpad McQuack might just steal every scene he’s in.

Scrooge McDuck’s trusted pilot Launchpad McQuack has always been a fan favorite, and Beck Bennett, who voices him on the new series, thinks it has a lot to do with his big heart. “I think everybody likes him because he’s so smart,” joked Bennett. “He just comes in and solves problems for everybody … He just loves Scrooge, and the boys, and the whole family so much. And he’s always trying to help them and he always messes up. And he has no idea and he considers everything a job well done.” We got to see a bit of Launchpad’s can-do spirit in this exclusive clip during the panel, and we’re pretty sure that everyone will be quoting his lines from the show.

9. In the DuckTales world, airplane can only be spelled as aeroplane.

Anytime the word airplane comes up in a script, Angones changes it to aeroplanes. Because let’s face it, race cars, lasers, aeroplanes are key components to most DuckTales adventures.

Are you even more excited for DuckTales now? The series kicks off with a one-hour television movie on August 12, and then two new episodes will air on September 23 on Disney XD!

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