David Tennant Visited Scrooge McDuck at Disneyland and We’re Not Crying You’re Crying

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and look at this photo of David Tennant, who voices Scrooge McDuck in Disney XD’s upcoming DuckTales series. Tennant recently visited Disneyland to say hello to his pal Scrooge McDuck—and we’re not okay because it’s the most pure thing we’ve ever seen and we can’t handle our emotions. Behold:

Just two Scottish friends showing off how sassy they can be. Tennant and Scrooge McDuck posed in front of the Bank of Toontown, because of course they did.

Actual quote from David Tennant regarding Scrooge McDuck, according to Disney Parks Blog:

“He’s got a hidden life. You think he’s a crotchety old windbag, when he’s actually Indiana Jones with a beak!”

Probably the best quote we have ever heard in our entire life. We can’t get enough of these two. Do you feel the same? Well you’re in luck cause HERE’S ANOTHER PHOTO:

Could they be any more adorable together? We literally can’t do anything else today but stare at this picture.

We can all be gifted with more of this when DuckTales premieres on Disney XD on August 12!

Posted 2 years Ago
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