Literally Just Adorable Dumbo GIFs to Make Us All Weep With Joy

It’s World Elephant Day, and we’re celebrating the magnificent mammals with one of the cutest baby elephants we’ve ever seen: Dumbo! He’s sweet, he loves his mother, and he can fly! Get ready, because these delightful GIFs are guaranteed to fill your heart with happiness. Enjoy:

Behold baby Dumbo:He is so precious, we’re literally beaming with happiness already—and we’re only on the first GIF!

Dumbo is adorable even when he sneezes …Aww, look at those ears! We think they’re absolutely perfect.

Let’s get a better look at those ears:We could watch Dumbo wiggle his ears all day long!

And here Dumbo is being bashful:And … we’re fully weeping now.

It looks like Mrs. Jumbo’s heart is full …And so is ours.

Don’t you just want to wrap him up like a little snuggly burrito of cuteness?Yes. Yes, we really do.

And this is quite possibly the sweetest thing we have ever seen:SO. SWEET.

Dumbo can literally just walk about and we are filled with joy.Yep.

We love Dumbo’s ears, but his nose is pretty adorable, too.See what we mean?

We love how helpful Dumbo is:Good job, Dumbo!

And after a long day of work, he’s still bubbling with sweetness (and soap suds) at bath time:This is quite possibly the cutest bubble bath we have ever seen.

And when it’s time to dry off …

He just wiggles his ears some more:No towel needed because Dumbo is truly talented.

Look how proud Dumbo looks following his mother in the circus parade:We can already tell he’s going to be a star.

And he really loves playtime with his mom:He’s having such a good time running in circles!

We feel so happy to see Dumbo happy, but when Dumbo is sad …We feel sad, too. We can feel the tears welling up already.

And we’re really feeling all the emotions here:This is such a touching moment.

On a lighter note, Dumbo’s nose has a talent for finding peanuts.This is a great skill.

Also, did we mention that Dumbo can be bashful?We think his shyness is endearing.

And those ears again … So useful.

Three cheers for this expert flag-waving!Impressively done.

Dumbo is also a problem solver with the help of his mouse friend, Timothy. When your ears get in your way, what do you do?Tie them in a knot, naturally. Works like a charm.

But we all know what those ears are really meant for …Flying!

And here he is as the best clown ever, about to show the crowd his amazing flying talent:He’s excited! He’s ready! Will he succeed in flying under the big top?

Yes, he will!Even without his lucky feather!

Our emotions are taking flight right now.He’s a flying pro.

And here is our favorite part of Dumbo:When he’s reunited with his mom! We’re not crying, you’re crying. (No really, excuse us while we go cry now.)

Happy World Elephant Day!

Posted 4 years Ago
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