These New Images From Thor: Ragnarok Will Make Your Monday Feel Like a Friday

Were you sitting around all weekend, waiting for the eclipse to come and wondering when new images from Thor: Ragnarok would come out? We definitely were, so you can imagine our delight this morning when we noticed these stills from Entertainment Weekly!

This first image shows Loki and Valkyrie engaged in some sort of fight:

Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie (a new character), had this to say to Entertainment Weekly about the scene: “That fight was so much fun. So much fun. First of all, the choreography was really punchy and physical, not as much sword work which sort of keeps you at arm’s length with people. I think because Tom’s character is involved there’s a cheekiness to that fight that made it just really fun — it just felt like a tennis match.”

And the second image shows Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki:

Talk about fierce!

Anyway, now that we’ve seen these images we can pretty much turn in and call it a week, right? What do you think about these new stills? Let us know in the comments!


Posted 10 months Ago
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