Chris Hemsworth Loves Cate Blanchett As Much As We Do, and More Things He Told Us About Thor: Ragnarok

Happy #THORSDAY! We have been eagerly consuming all things Thor: Ragnarok and we just can’t get enough of this sure-to-be epic journey! We got the chance to talk to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, in a roundtable on the set of Thor: Ragnarok, and he revealed a bit about what it was like to work with Cate Blanchett, set life with director Taika Waititi, and more about the film.*

On Thor’s personal arc in the movie:

“He’s on this … personal journey to kind of do his own discovery, and then find these answers for himself … Then he gets completely torn out of anything familiar and … the whole film sort of shifts and we’re on different worlds that we haven’t seen before.  There’s different looks to all the characters. There’s different dynamics … I think the coupling of myself working with [Mark] Ruffalo as well, brought out a whole new tone for both of our characters.”

On the changes to the Thor franchise in Thor: Ragnarok:

“It’s kept us on our toes.  I think it’s gonna keep audiences on their toes, too.  It’s a whole different energy, look, feel to any of the Thor films we’ve seen before.  I think even different to any Marvel films, you know, which is great.”

On working with director Taika Waititi:

“I was a big fan of Taika’s work and … in all of his films, he strikes this beautiful balance of humor and heart.  It’s all grounded in a reality we can kind of relate to.  But it’s fun and enjoyable.  And that’s what we’re gonna do with this.”

“I’ve never improvised so much with this character which has been really exciting. You know, Taika will just yell suggestions while rolling—try this, try that, and so on.  And that has, I think, really come to change the game for myself or for the film.”

On Cate Blanchett:

“Oh, I’m in love with Cate.  You know, my wife is, too, so I can say that [laughs]. The fearlessness.  … she’s just … insanely funny and smart and talented. Sort of too good to be true—kind of, like, what’s the catch?”

On Thor meeting Valkyrie:

“It’s like Thor’s meeting his hero, you know.  And he’s absolutely smitten by her … because of her history and being Valkyrie and all of that.  But she’s also this beautiful woman so he’s kind of caught off guard.”

And finally: Where’s the hammer?

“Where is the hammer?  Good question. Can’t tell you where.”

Advance tickets for Thor: Ragnarok are now on sale wherever tickets are sold.

*This interview has been edited for context and clarity.

Posted 4 years Ago
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