Chris Pratt Took Our Quiz and Chris Evans Responded and We Can’t Right Now

Have you ever awakened from a glorious dream only to realize that you were not dreaming, and were in fact very much awake?

Well, last night we literally lived out our dreams when Chris Pratt took to Twitter and posted his result to our very own Hollywood Chris quiz (spoiler alert: he is NOT Chris Pratt):

And while we were busy recalculating our very scientific and heavily researched quiz, it was brought to our attention that another Chris—Chris Evans—responded to this whole Chris situation:

Obviously, there’s only one thing left to do, which is to take you through our emotions with the help of Disney GIFs:

  1. Shock.
    Scooter breathing into a paper bag on ABC's The MuppetsWhat. Just. Happened. Chris Pratt took our quiz. Deep breaths.
  2. Utter disbelief.
    One Hundred and One Dalmations Perdita shocked expressionTell us this isn’t a dream, please.
  3. Confusion.
    WAIT, CHRIS PRATT WAS CHRIS EVANS THE ENTIRE TIME? Also, would this be an appropriate time for the use of the word “shook”?
  4. Pure euphoria.
    Okay, back to the fact that CHRIS PRATT TOOK OUR QUIZ. He knows we exist. We are freaking out.
  5. Pride.
    Out of all the quizzes in the world, Chris Pratt took the time to take ours. We couldn’t be more #blessed.
  6. Bliss.
    We’ll be having our own dance party until further notice.
  7. Continued shock.
    Lizzie's Dad looking interested in an episode of Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuireWait, wait, wait. So you’re telling us that Chris Evans responded to Chris Pratt? And with the perfect response? Life is too good.
  8. Elation.
    Phil crying happy tears at the end of HerculesTWO OUT OF FOUR CHRIS-ES KNOW THAT WE EXIST! This is literally the best day of our lives.

Chris Pratt, if you’re reading this, just know that we don’t think you suck at quizzes. You’ve made our lives, and we think you’re amazing and we love you. Also: Chris Evans, we’re waiting for you to take this quiz.

Posted 6 months Ago
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