25 Photos of Dogs Dressed As Disney Characters, Because You Deserve It

It’s Friday. Maybe you’ve had a long week, or maybe your week is just getting started. Either way, you’ve been working hard and you deserve something nice to get you through the rest of the day. Enter the number one source of our joy these days—Disney Pets. These pups dressed as Disney characters will definitely help take your mind off things:

  1. It’s impossible not to giggle after seeing this pooch dressed as Minnie Mouse.

    dog dressed as minnie mouse

    We can’t stop watching this video.

  2. Try not to scream (with delight) at Mike and Sulley:

    dog dressed as sulley with mike plush


  3. Check out this adorable woofiee:


    STAHHHHP. Just stop. We can’t handle the cuteness. Okay, let’s resume.

  4. Has Maleficent ever looked this cute?

    dog dressed as maleficent
    We don’t think so.

  5. This doggo has a friend in us.

    dog dressed as woody
    Every town needs a good she-ruff.


    two dogs dressed as belle and beast
    Our love for them is a tale as old as time.

  7. Our days are going along swimmingly now that we’ve seen this Ariel:

    dog dressed as ariel
    Our collection of adorable dog photos is not complete yet, though…

  8. AAH! BRUCE! We are screaming.

    dog dressed as bruce the shark from finding nemo
    An angel among fish!

  9. The fairest dog of all:

    dog dressed as snow white with cake
    How’s your day feeling? Better yet?

  10. When playing fetch, this dog can probably go the distance.

    dog dressed as hercules
    We will say we’re in love with this dog.

  11. A dog in an inflatable Lightning McQueen boat is not a sight we ever thought we’d see, but now that we have seen it, we will not forget it.

    dog dressed as lightning mcqueen
    On your marks, get set, bark.

  12. The magic is real.

    dog dressed as mickey in the sorcerer's apprentice
    So, so real.

  13. This dog will forever be our happy thought.

    dog dressed as peter pan with peter pan plush
    10/10 would take a trip to Never Land to see this.

  14. Can this dog be part of our family?

    dog dressed as lilo
    Please say yes.

  15. Meet the wisest pug you’ll ever see:

    dog dressed as yoda
    Y.O.D.A: You Ogle Dogs Always.

  16. Oh, isn’t this amazing?

    dog dressed as belle
    She’s our favorite pup because … you see.

  17. No glitch here, just one cute pupper that’s out of this world.

    dog dressed as stitch

  18. We want these Chip n’ Dale hats for ourselves.

    two dogs dressed as chip and dale
    Also, these dogs.

  19. Disney Pets refers to this dog as a “Thorgi,” and that pretty much made our day.

    dog dressed as thor
    Three cheers for Thorgi!!

  20. Pretty certain this dog speaks whale.

    dog dressed as dory
    Just keep fetchin’.

  21. Oh, boy! We think this pup is just swell.

    dog dressed as mickey mouse
    A perfect look for a perfect dog.

  22. How did this lucky canine snap up a pair of these super popular rose gold Minnie ears?

    dog wearing rose gold minnie ears
    They look great on this dog.

  23. Smoldering. Absolutely smoldering.

    dog dressed as flynn rider
    Wanted for being too cute!

  24. Would you vote for this dog to play Captain America’s sidekick in the next Marvel movie?

    dog dressed as captain america
    Raising our hands for days.

  25. *Gasps.* “Ariel, you’re so beautiful!”

    From fins, to four legs.

Which dog dressed as a Disney character was your favorite? Send a smile to all the dog people in your life today by sending them this list.

P.S. You can dress your dog as a Disney character, too! Check out costumes here.

Posted 10 months Ago
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