Mickey Mouse’s Home of the Future Is Here and It Can Travel Anywhere in the World

It’s been almost 90 years since Mickey Mouse made his debut, and he’s still as relevant as ever. Inspired by the magical essence of the iconic character and the innovative vision of Walt Disney, the first ever Mickey Mouse’s Home of the Future Design Competition in Canada strives to spark creativity while addressing complex challenges—including health and environmental sustainability. The contest called on the imaginative minds of OCAD University—Canada’s largest and most comprehensive art, design, and media university—to reimagine a home for the beloved character.

Evaluated on the criteria of Impact, Creativity, Presentation, Understanding, and Realization of Proposal, the winners of the interior design and industrial design categories had their proposals brought to life and fabricated by Giant Containers. They are being showcased at EDIT (Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology) which is happening right now in Toronto, through October 8.

Here are some impressive fun facts about Mickey Mouse’s Home of the Future:

1. The house was built in 30 days, and it took 10,000 hours with students, mentors, and volunteers pitching in.

2. The home is a low-energy alternative to conventional housing and is designed with solar powered skylights!

3. The entire home is made using two repurposed shipping containers.

4. The interior of the house features the latest technology and gadgets—including a smart home system with temperature monitoring, lighting, and music that can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet.

5. All of the appliances are energy-efficient, too!

6. The PVC roofing system includes green roof and solar panels, and is the most reflective on the market, keeping the room cooler and everything waterproof for at least 30 years.

7. The total house is 640 square feet.

8. The house is portable and mobile—and can travel anywhere around the world!

Anything is possible—and Mickey’s Home of the Future is proof! Tickets for EDIT are available for purchase here—see for yourself how the power of design can transform our lives for the better, with some extra Disney magic!

Posted 4 years Ago
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