Star Wars Forces of Destiny Is Back and We’re More Than Ready

Hold onto your lightsabers, Star Wars fans. The animated series Star Wars Forces of Destiny is taking us on the Millennium Falcon for the first episode, and we’re 100% down for the ride. In the last episode, we left off watching Princess Leia and Sabine maneuvering and overcoming a bounty of trouble. Without further ado, let’s give our full attention to the stars of the show:

Episode 1: “Newest Recruit”

Now this is the kind of mission we had in mind for our courageous heroines. From taking down Stormtroopers, to delivering cargoes of food to those in need, to carrying out a rescue mission and saving a child—what can’t they do? Maybe if we keep watching and taking notes, then we’ll also have what it takes to be a new recruit of the Rebellion, just like Ketsu.


Episode 2: “Tracker Trouble”

Whew! That was a close call—good thing the Millennium Falcon is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. They really do make a good team, even though Han Solo doesn’t seem to remember BB-8’s name. We’re glad to hear the wonderful Daisy Ridley voicing our favorite heroine Rey once again, along with John Boyega voicing his own character Finn! If only we could speak Wookiee language so we could understand Chewbacca, too.

Watching them get rid of the tracker was the most intense 20 seconds we’ve experienced thus far in the series, but the team handled it like pros. We’ve all probably pulled a Finn in this episode at one point in our lives, but it’s a relief to see that his friends have his back.

Episode 3: “The Starfighter Stunt”

Our instincts are telling us that the Force is on Ahsoka and Padmè’s side. If Padmè was putting her training to the test, then it looks like she passed! Our heroines prove that you should always expect the unexpected—with a little teamwork, determination, and improvisation, you might be surprised at how much you can accomplish. That being said, each episode still manages to bring us new surprises. R2-D2’s beeps and whistles pretty much captured our mood during the entire episode.

We’re ready to witness them take on more space shenanigans in upcoming Star Wars Forces of Destiny episodes—no matter how complicated the missions get!

Check back here to track down the latest weekly episodes after each one goes live on Disney YouTube! Until then, keep calm and may the force be with you.

Posted 6 months Ago
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