13 Things You Didn’t Know About Thor: Ragnarok

Thorsday is upon us (it’s like Thursday, but better) and 31 days of #Helaween is here, so we must celebrate by talking all things Thor: Ragnarok! As we patiently await to see Thor: Ragnarok in theaters on November 3, we can make the most of the calm before the storm with these fun facts about the upcoming film:

1. Ragnarok translates to “the end of the universe” in Norse mythology.

It’s fair to surmise that some edge-of-the-seat action is definitely headed our way.

2. Director Taika Waititi not only directs, but he also acts in his films.

He plays a new CGI character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe named Korg (introduced by Marvel in a 1962 comic book).

3. Cate Blanchett plays Marvel’s first female villain.

Hela is also one of Thor’s most formidable enemies from the comics.

4. The film was shot in Australia.

It is the first feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to shoot not only in Australia, but in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

5. The Asgard Piazza and Sakaar sets are huge.

The two backlot sets at Village Roadshow Studios (Asgard Piazza and Sakaar) are, collectively, equal in size to two American football fields. It took production over four months to build them with a crew numbering over 450 people at its largest.

6. Over two-dozen sets were designed for the shoot.

Oscar-winning production designer Dan Hennah and production designer Ra Vincent designed the sets (both stage and exterior builds) for the 17-week shoot.

7. There were over 2,500 original costumes.

Veteran costume designer Mayes Rubeo made over 2,500 original costumes for the film (depicting both the worlds of Asgard and Sakaar), with all materials sourced in Australia.

8. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston showed love to their fans during filming.

Throughout the four-day shoot in Brisbane, Australia, both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston took every break in filming to greet the fans by shaking hands, throwing “swag” (posters, sunglasses, t-shirts, and more from Thor: The Dark World) out to the crowd, signing autographs and grabbing personal cell phones for that once-in-a-lifetime selfie. Who wouldn’t want a selfie with this dynamic duo?

9. Chris Hemsworth also handed out pizzas to fans.

Chris Hemsworth also had fun handing out pizzas to the Brisbane crowds, which were purchased by the production’s location manager, Duncan Jones. Chris Hemsworth and pizza? Another dynamic duo we love.

10. Tom Hiddleston met with a fan on TV.

A local teenager spent all week on location hoping to meet Tom Hiddleston because she had sketched a portrait of Loki that she wanted to present to him. Production arranged for the two to meet in front of the local TV cameras. If we sketch Loki, will we get to meet Tom Hiddleston too?

11. A large python interrupted shooting.

While shooting an exterior scene in the Australian wilderness, filming was briefly interrupted when a large python fell from the dense trees above. No cast or crew were harmed, and the snake was safely relocated by a professional snake handler, but not before a few brave crew members snapped some pictures.

12. Wild kangaroos were often spotted on set.

During the early morning hours, before crew arrived for work, wild kangaroos were often spotted hanging around the backlot near the exterior sets of Asgard and Sakaar.

13. The crew was blessed with a smooth shoot.

On the first day of principal photography, a local tribe performed a ceremonial dance to bless the crew in hopes for a smooth shoot. Eighty-four days of successful shooting later, the tribe returned and delivered a beautiful closing ceremony as a culmination to an incredible experience of filming on native land in Australia.

Hammer or no hammer, we have no doubt that the God of Thunder will prove himself a warrior once again in Thor: Ragnarok. We’ll be rooting for him in theaters on November 3—will you?

Posted 4 years Ago
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