Big Hero 6: The Series Meets the Haunted Mansion and There Are Easter Eggs Galore

If the Haunted Mansion is top priority on your agenda for every visit to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, then you’re in for some good news. The popular attraction you’re most likely obsessed with, acts as the setting for a trio of adorable stop-motion animated promos, which find Disney characters from DuckTales, Big Hero 6: The Series and Star vs. The Forces of Evil on their own adventure—a tour of the mansion by some of those famous grim and grinnin’ ghosts. The promos, a collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and Disney XD, begin rolling out on Saturday, October 7. Wondering how these worlds could possibly collide? See for yourself in this clip:

Scan complete. Diagnosis: cuteness overload. Only Baymax could wander through a graveyard as casually as one would frolic through a field of flowers. If the Hatbox Ghost laughed in our faces we’d probably sprint the opposite direction, but Baymax’s only instinct is to take care of others–even if their heads are detached.

Haunted Mansion fans, here’s what else to look out for in these amazing promos:

  • Ezra the Hitchhiking Ghost
  • The tombstone tribute for Marc Davis
  • The infamous Phantom Five singing busts
  • The “Dear George” tombstone from the stretch room
  • The trowel ghost arm, inspired by Davis’ original concept art
  • The Tomb Sweet Tomb needlepoint picture frame
  • The candelabra in the endless hallway

A spooky Easter egg is the best kind of Easter egg. Add our favorite squishy robot sidekick and we’re in. We’re looking forward to a lot more signature Baymax fist bumps in Big Hero 6: The Series when it premieres this November on Disney XD!

Posted 9 months Ago
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