8 Things You Didn’t Know About Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Ahoy there, matey! Want to learn more about Pirates Of The Caribbean 5? In honor of the Digital and Blu-ray release, we’ve sailed the seven seas and uncovered buried treasure … also known as fun facts. Step behind the camera as we show you some things you might not know about the making of the film:

1. The crew built an entire town for the movie!

When you think of action scenes, you don’t necessarily think of the pirates literally dragging an entire building away—but we don’t expect any less of Jack Sparrow and his crew. That was the case in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, in which a huge town set was built near the Gold Coast of Australia specifically for the scene. “It took four months to build the town, and I think we built three or four banks for the scene … we’re incredibly proud of the results,” admits Joachim Rønning, one of the movie’s two Norwegian directors. That’s a whole lot of time spent on building a town, and we’re sure every minute was worth it.

2. Jerry Bruckheimer had a personal photo diary on set.

Bruckheimer says, “With every movie I do, I always love to go on set with a camera in my hand.” You’ll see a bunch of photographs that show my view of the set, as well as candid shots of various actors.” Candids of the pirates? We’re all about it.

3. The creation of a young Jack Sparrow was a challenge for the directors.

The flashback of a young Jack Sparrow on board a ship wasn’t all smooth sailing for the filmmakers to complete. Crafting the perfect young version of the distinctive character meant getting down to the details, such as referencing Johnny Depp’s films back in the day and pitching his voice up. “We worked on the computer for over a year to make the character look younger,” reveals Espen Sandberg, who directed the movie alongside Rønning.

4. Geoffrey Rush was presented with a unique gift at the end of the film.

When the film shoot was wrapping up, Geoffrey Rush (who plays Captain Hector Barbossa) was surprised with a gift from his furry co-star, one of the two monkey actors (Pablo and Chiquita) that play Jack the Monkey. Rush says, “They were very fun to work with. At the end of the film shoot, Pablo gave me the best wrap gift ever. He gave me a painting that he’d created himself. The piece is beautiful. I will treasure it forever. Pablo works in an abstract expressionist simian school, but the sweetest part is the paw print on the side of the mount. Pablo signed his work. It’s a Pablo original.” This is the most adorable fact we’ve ever heard.

5. There are more hidden references to the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland in the film.

Avast ye! “When you see Jack Sparrow’s flashback scene, take a look at the name of his ship. It’s ‘The Wicked Wench,’ which is a direct reference to the original Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction,” says Sandberg (it’s the ship you see on the ride!). “Another fun Easter egg involves the costume of a character named Pig Kelly. His costume in the movie was taken from one of the original drawings for the Disneyland ride in the ‘60s.” Amazing!

6. They built an entire underwater set in a studio.

We have to admit, we’re impressed at the production team’s ability to turn a studio into an epic underwater set, built from scratch. “I remember walking onto the underwater set for the very first time and being amazed by what I saw,” reveals Bruckheimer. “They’d made iridescent plants and incredible coral. It was fantastic. I hate to give away the movie magic, but the sea floor was made from ground-up rubber. Tiny pieces of ground-up tires covered the entire studio floor – and it got everywhere.” Kaya Scodelario, who played Carina Smyth, commented that she was still finding bits of the set in her suitcase two years later!

7. Keira Knightley wasn’t in the original script for Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

The surprise appearance of fan-favorite actress Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann at the end of the movie was a well-kept secret during the film shoot, but you may be surprised to hear that it wasn’t in the original plan. “Orlando Bloom was in the first script, but not Keira,” says Joachim Rønning. “However, as soon as we started to work on the movie, we realized that we needed to have her in our story. A few phone calls later, we found out that Keira wanted to do it—and she was great. Keira was shooting another movie at the time, so we flew to London to film her scenes on one of her days off. It was a great day with Orlando and Keira back together again. It also provided us with a fun and mysterious scene at the end of the movie. You’ll have to keep watching after the movie’s credits to see it!” We’ve seen the scene, and we have so many questions!

8. Javier Bardem had to sit in a makeup chair for three hours every morning.

Getting into the character of Captain Salazar was no quick and easy task for Javier Bardem. “I had prosthetics all over my face and my hair was pulled back because they added Salazar’s long hair by CGI,” Bardem explains. “I never knew what I was going to look like until I saw it on the big screen. When I finally saw him, I thought, ‘Wow, this is fantastic.’ I loved it.”

Now that we know these fun facts, we’re going to grab up a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 ASAP.

Posted 11 months Ago
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