Item of the Day: Read Chapter One of Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera

If you happen to be a fan of literary classics and The Muppets (which is a given), then you’re going to be thrilled about today’s Item of the Day—Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera.
More than a century after the novel was written, it’s about time our favorite characters work their Muppet magic to reimagine this classic tale of love, mystery, and suspense in their own hilarious way. Kermit (as Raoul), Miss Piggy (as Christine), Uncle Deadly (as the Phantom), and the chickens (as the ballet corps) are redefining “classic” and we have a feeling it’s going to be iconic from start to finish. Here’s a little glimpse into chapter one:
Eager to turn to the next page? So are we! Be right back, we’re going to grab a copy ASAP to find out what happens next in this gripping tale from The Muppets. Until then, please enjoy this amazing picture of Kermit the Frog with a copy of Muppets Meet the Classics: The Phantom of the Opera:
You’re welcome. 

Posted 4 years Ago
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