Want: The Emperor’s New Groove Funko Pop! Disney Collection

Funko is cooking up yet another new collection—and this time it’s as phenomenal as Kronk’s renowned spinach puffs! Get your groove on because your favorite turn-of-the-century animated comedy The Emperor’s New Groove is the latest addition to the Pop! Disney series. Take a look: Each figure is a perfect depiction of the loveable characters—including the teenaged emperor Kuzco, the caring Pacha, and the easily distracted Kronk.That single raised eyebrow and smirk is on point.
We all need a Pacha Pop! figure in our lives.
Kronk is looking more than ready to pull the lever!Rounding out the series comes the villainess Yzma, posing in a black and purple dress.Look for the glow in the dark chase piece of Yzma—a rarity of one in six!Also keep your eyes peeled for Kuzco transformed into what we know him best as: a sassy llama (exclusively at Hot Topic).

The Pop! Disney: The Emperor’s New Groove series is coming in February! Which figures are you planning to swoop? We can’t decide so we’ll just be collecting each and every one.

Posted 4 years Ago
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