Pixar Artist Ana Ramirez Talks About the Inspiration Behind Her Coco Book Artwork

From the moment we laid eyes on the very first still to the all-new final trailer for Disney•Pixar’s Coco, we’ve been admiring the film’s jaw-dropping artwork and mesmerizing burst of colors. We got a chance to talk to Ana Ramirez—visual development artist and book illustrator at Pixar Animation Studios—about how she used her creative freedom to beautifully illustrate artwork for Miguel and the Grand Harmony, her first book inspired by the film. See the talent behind the magic:

Looks like Ana’s “just go for it” mentality resulted in a brilliant book! With every rich and expressive stroke, Ana was able to capture details from the vividly action-packed world of Coco—down to Dante’s adorable tongue. Catch Coco in theaters on November 22!

Posted 1 year Ago
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