What We’ve All Been Looking For: There Is a High School Musical TV Series in the Works!

Grab the nearest basketball and do a dance everybody, because High School Musical is coming soon to a television near you! Yes, it’s true! A High School Musical television show is currently in development, and will air on Disney’s new digital streaming service, which is launching in 2019.

Troy Getcha Head in the Game High School Musical

While we don’t know much else about the series, we do know that we’ve never been more excited for 2019. To celebrate, here are some more GIFs that express how we feel about this news:

Before we heard the news:

Chad in a tree in High School Musical

While we heard the news:

After we heard the news:

High School Musical

Waiting for 2019 like:

We are so excited to get more High School Musical in our lives! Are you?

Posted 3 years Ago
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