Everything We Learned About Disney XD’s Big Hero 6 The Series at the Advance Screening and Panel

We were finally reunited with Baymax this week and have never felt better. The cast and creative teams of Disney XD’s Big Hero 6 The Series and ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat got together at the East West Players Theatre last Tuesday for an advance screening and special episode of each show, respectively—with none other than ABC 7’s David Ono as the master of ceremonies! Without further ado, here’s everything we learned from the event:

Baymax Is Great at Hugs

Baymax says it’s okay to cry, and we were crying tears of joy because he was there in all his puffy greatness.

We Got a Look at Big Hero 6 The Series

The Big Hero 6 team is back and better than ever! We get to follow Hiro on his exciting first days at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, but rest assured that he has a whole lot more in store for him than sitting in a classroom all day.

The Style of the Series

Co-executive producers Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley of the series described its style as 101 Dalmatians meets anime. Bob said, “Traditional 2-D would be a way for the series to be its own best thing—let the movie remain this classic movie done in CG.”

The Voices of Hiro, Baymax, and More Will Return

The chemistry between Ryan Potter (“Hiro”) and Scott Adsit (“Baymax”) has only evolved since they first started working together.“Our friendship requires a lot of eye contact—it’s hard to put into words,” Ryan said. Scott doesn’t look quite as fluffy as his character Baymax, but we can definitely see Hiro and Baymax’s touching friendship in these pics.

Where the Series Is Going

The series carries on from the last few minutes of the movie (which came out three years ago) that left us yearning for more adventure. In the screening, we got to tag along with the superhero team as they navigated around more villains and action-packed obstacles in the city of San Fransokyo, which has become a character in and of itself with its own history for Hiro, Baymax, Go Go, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred—and us—to delve into.

While being handed the reins to carry on the legacy of the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 might be intimidating, the cast and crew have proven that they’re ready to take on that challenge as they’re already currently in the middle of writing season two for the series! “It was in good hands from the get-go cause these guys did Kim Possible,” Ryan said. When discussing what else we can look forward to in the series, Bob said, “There are some mysteries to unfold, some twists, some turns, and it leads up to a big three-parter.” We’re down for anything if Baymax tags along!

Should We Expect Easter Eggs?

Although viewers can spot characters like Marvel’s Sleepwalker in Fred’s room, that’s pretty much all you’re going to get when it comes to Easter eggs. However, Bob said, “We do have a lot of Easter eggs … selfishly within the world of our show.” We’re totally okay with that.

After we learned all things Big Hero 6, the evening also included a look at the upcoming episodes of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat.

Like Big Hero 6 The Series, Fresh Off the Boat boasts a diverse cast and creative team. Cindy Fang, a writer for Fresh Off the Boat, said, “Ten years ago I couldn’t even fathom something like this being on television … Asians aren’t just the sidekick best friend with a few lines–it cares about getting the details right and shows the breadth of what is possible.” We also got to watch iconic Star Trek alum George Takei guest star amongst a new generation of Asian Americans in the entertainment industry during the screening for the Thanksgiving special.

Tune into ABC on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST to watch the Huang family and hear George’s iconic laugh in Fresh Off the Boat—and you won’t want to miss the one-hour special Baymax Returns when it launches Monday, November 20 on Disney XD and Disney Channel!

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