This Bad Lip Reading of Descendants Is Going to Be Epic

Descendants fanatics, you’re going to love this. The Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel is back, and their next task is the VKs of Descendants! If you’re unfamiliar with these satirical episodes, they’re basically just hilariously dubbed over takes of the original film.

It’s the story of Disney Villain’s kiddos as you know it, except it takes place in Magic Teeth Academy instead of Auradon Prep—and is arguably even better than the original. Decide for yourself with Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek:

If you look closely, you can lip read “hot dog” from pretty much any scene. This clip is from a wickedly funny parody by the name of Bad Lip Reading Presents: Descendantsset to premiere Saturday, November 18 on Disney XD at 11:30 a.m. ET and Sunday, November 26 on the Disney Channel following an encore presentation of the Descendants 2. This is too good to miss!

Posted 3 years Ago
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