The New Incredibles 2 Trailer Just Made Our Day

Ever since we heard a little more about Incredibles 2 during D23 Expo earlier this year, we have been waiting for this moment! The teaser trailer is finally here and it is everything. Get ready to feel all of the incredible emotions you could feel at once:

Our emotions: Joy. Happiness. Wonder. Excitement. Intrigue. We could go on. The minute we heard that iconic music and saw Jack-Jack’s hands appear, we knew it was on. Jack-Jack is as adorable as ever, with some pretty amazing laser eye action going on. And now Bob Parr knows it! We can’t wait to learn more about Jack-Jack’s abilities, especially since one sneeze from him created a laser-fire-electricity blast. Epic.

It’s wonderful to see Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack again, and we’ll be counting the days until June 15, 2018 when we can seeĀ Incredibles 2 in theatres!

Posted 4 years Ago
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