Look at These Adorable GIFs of Dante From Coco

Have you ever met a Disney dog that you didn’t adore? That was a rhetorical question—the answer is obviously no. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Dante, our new favorite dog from Disney•Pixar’s Coco, that it’s inevitable he will be our new favorite. We’ve compiled some Dante GIFs that are sure to make him win your heart:

That moment when you make eye contact with a cute doggo (that last second before Dante is whisked away):We watched this GIF about 35 times and counting.

Watch how gracefully he falls:Dante has taught us to chase our dreams, headfirst. Even if that dream is to chase a bone.

And that our dreams can be a reality! Case in point:This is quite possibly the greatest thing that could ever pop out of a pile of marigold petals.

Dante has so much energy, it’s hard to keep up!But we could spot his adorable tongue from a mile away.

Dante is allergic to his own cuteness. Even his sneeze is cute!

Even when an entire Land of the Dead is sprawling out in front of them, Dante is too busy admiring Miguel to notice. That’s true friendship.

We all need a Dante in our lives! He tackles all kinds of shenanigans fearlessly and adorably—with his eyes wide open and ears up high. We feel like we’re already best friends with Dante, but we’re so eager to finally meet him when we see Coco in theaters today!

Posted 11 months Ago
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