We’re Giving Our Phones a Coco Makeover With These Fun Wallpapers

We finally got to see Coco in theaters, and we were basically in awe the entire time at the incredible animation Disney•Pixar is known for. No really—there were so many vivid colors, gorgeous backdrops, and loveable characters to keep up with that our eyes never left the screen. That’s why we’re in love with these Coco concept art wallpapers from the Coco Publishing Collection—they bring the beauty of Coco on the big screen to our phone screen! See for yourself:This adorable Dante wallpaper is already set as both our lock screen and home screen.This one captures everything that makes Coco so amazing: the music, art, and culture!Our three favorite characters! Because Miguel deserves his own wallpaper. Have you seen Coco yet? If you haven’t, you need to see it ASAP. Share this wonderful artwork with your friends by posting a screenshot of which Coco wallpaper you use on your phone! And make sure to check out more art in the Coco Publishing Collection:

Posted 2 years Ago
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