11 Animal GIFs That Are Perfect for Any Occasion

The Muppets’ Animal may not use a lot of words, but this rockin’ & rollin’ drummer from The Electric Mayhem Band sure knows how get his message across. Check out some of the Animal GIFs below. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit every occasion, whether it’s a case of the Mondays, a need to snack on something ASAP, or when you just want to unleash your inner Animal!

1. First, let’s begin with an Animal moment that captures the word “mood”:

2. Struggling to make a decision? Animal knows how you feel:

3. Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s an Animal for you:

4. We all feel impatient sometimes … especially Animal:

5. An Animal moment that’s perfect for when your favorite song is on:

6. When something is Mesmerizing. Magical. Perfect:

7. What mood would this GIF not work with?

8. When you just can’t seem to get anywhere.

9. Waiting for your friend to text you back? Send them this GIF!

10. Here’s one for when you’re just feeling … “blah”:

11. And finally … when it’s PARTY TIME!!!

Which Animal GIF fits your mood today? Be sure to share it with your friends!

Posted 3 years Ago
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