Here Are the New Characters You Can See in the Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland

We’re sure you’ve already highlighted and underlined Pixar Fest—returning to Disneyland Resort April 13—on your calendar. Now, we have a brand new announcement about the much anticipated Pixar Play Parade! This announcement is Day 1 of 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas, where we’ll be getting exciting new Disney Parks announcements every day. Take a look at how your favorite Pixar stories will come to life in the parade during this limited-time celebration:Like every Pixar film, the parade will open with a cameo by the iconic Pixar Lamp and adorable Pixar Ball we all know and love! You know adventure lies ahead when these two are in the picture.Adventure is indeed out there! You’ll see characters from UP, including Carl Fredricksen, Dug, Wilderness Explorer Russell, and their colorful companion Kevin—followed by Carl’s tethered house floating via an enormous bundle of balloons. What a way to make an entrance!Inside Out characters are also making an appearance! Perched atop a rainbow pile of memory orbs, Joy and Sadness are on a mission in Bing Bong’s rocket wagon—with Bing Bong himself cheering them on! We just want to yell “Hooray!”

This news is giving us so many feels. After hearing these new story elements, we definitely don’t want to miss out on the return of Pixar Play Parade when April 13 rolls around. Check out the rest of the fun in store with Pixar Fest here!

Posted 3 years Ago
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