The Pizza Planet Truck Visited Us and It Was the Best Day of Our Lives

Truly we are blessed on this day because a fan-made Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story drove straight out of the Disney•Pixar film and into our parking lot! Don’t believe us? We snapped quite a few pics to document this momentous occasion. You can relive our day vicariously through these photos:You bet we ran right on over when we heard that the Pizza Planet truck had arrived!All hail the Pizza Planet truck!
Yup, this happened. Can you tell we were excited?Hungrily waiting for the Pizza Planet truck to jettison its food supply. Let’s take a look inside!Here you’ll find Buzz in his natural habitat … getting ready for takeoff in the cockpit of the “spaceship.”We spy Woody hiding in the cargo bay!We don’t know how to drive stick-shift, but we’d learn just to drive the Pizza Planet truck. Ooooooo. Check out this trio of aliens hanging out inside!Looks like one got loose!
That bumper sticker says it all.Did you spot these stickers in the movie?
Don’t mind us as we climb aboard the Pizza Planet truck!In pizza we crust.Unfortunately, the Pizza Planet truck had to leave to fulfill the rest of its important pizza delivering duties.

That pizza was the real deal! We had to keep telling ourselves: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Until next time, Pizza Planet truck!

Posted 3 years Ago
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