Watch Your Favorite Disney XD Characters Together and Share the Joy This Holiday Season

Have you ever had a dream where all of your favorite Disney characters were hanging out together, but then you woke up only to be disappointed it was just a dream? It happens to us all the time, but luckily we have Disney XD to turn those dreams into reality, with a couple of videos reminding us all to Share the Joy this holiday season!

Baymax and Scrooge McDuck might sound like an unlikely pair, but we think they are a perfect match:


A hug from Baymax is exactly what Scrooge McDuck needed. What else does he need? A star to top his gigantic Christmas tree! Luckily, another fabulous Disney XD pair was able to join them and help:


We love when Disney XD brings our favorite characters together, so it definitely feels like this pair of videos was made with us in mind! Happy holidays, and remember to Share the Joy!

Posted 3 years Ago
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