Join Oh My Disney’s Group in the Bachelor Fantasy League + Our Top Picks

That’s right, all you Arie Luyendyk fans—we’re picking up where we left off 5 years ago, and giving Emily Maynard’s runner-up a second chance at love this coming January 1, 2018. And yes, the return of Arie also signals the return of The Bachelor Fantasy League, and we’re inviting you to join our Oh My Disney group, where you can create a clever Bachelor-themed name, input your picks, and compete amongst us for Season 22 domination.

Now let’s move on to Arie’s ladies, including our final four picks:

Final Four Picks

From left: Lauren B., Seinne, Becca K., and Annaliese.

The Number One Lauren
Lauren B., 25
What I love about Lauren B. is that she comes across as your everyday Lauren (she loves Disney Princesses and listens to Taylor Swift), but read into her contestant bio a little more and you discover some really interesting stuff, like the fact she has a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do! I think Lauren B. has a lot of potential to keep Arie, as well us us viewers, interested.

The Real Deal
Seinne, 27
According to Arie’s Bachelor bio, he’s no longer a Formula 1 racer, but rather, a real estate broker, which I’m going to assume fits well with Seinne’s occupation as a commercial real estate manager. Besides their work compatibility, I think Seinne would be a good fit for Arie because of her love of traveling and family.

The Perfect Bachelor Contestant
Becca K., 27
I’m choosing Becca K. as one of Arie’s final four because of what she put as her top three bucket list items: hot air ballooning, grape stomping, and falling in love with someone she can own a dog and house with. Not only does Becca K. seem to have a strong knowledge of past dates featured on The Bachelor, she also clearly knows what she wants out of a long-term relationship, and I can respect both of those items.

The Emily Maynard 2.0
Annaliese, 32
I’m turning this one over to my Oh My Disney co-worker and fellow Bachelor fan, Mariana.
Mariana: She is giving me huge Emily Maynard vibes, which we already know Arie likes. She also seems family-oriented (like Emily) which is great for Arie.

Bachelorette Superlatives


Most Likely to Promote Tea on Instagram
Maquel, 23

A true Millennial through and through, Maquel enjoys sprinkling words like “obvi” and “#hangry” throughout her contestant bio. She’s also a photographer, which means of course she’s already living that Instagram lifestyle!


Most Likely to Have Thought She Was Going to Be on Peter’s Season
Krystal, 29

As a Peter fan, I feel you, Krystal (who, like Peter, is a fitness coach and into living a healthy lifestyle). It’s okay, Arie seems like a pretty cool dude and you know what, if you’re willing to give him a chance, so am I.


Most Likely to Reference That Intellectual Book She Read
Bibiana, 30

When asked if she would consider herself a lover of art, Bibiana answered with this: “Yes. Wish I could be art.” On the surface, her answer seems like a simple miscommunication, but looking at it again, maybe Bibiana was trying to entice us with a veiled answer. Bibiana, is there supposed to be deeper meaning? Now I’m just confused.


Make sure to join the Bachelor Fantasy League to set your predictions, and join our Oh My Disney group! With the Bachelor Fantasy League, you can predict the Last Four Women and Final Rose recipient, and play weekly before each episode! Make sure to share your predictions with #BFL and #TheBachelor.

And of course, don’t forget to tune in on January 1 at 8 p.m. / 7 p.m. Central on ABC to see the Season Premiere of The Bachelor. Happy Bachelor season, everyone!

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