These LEGO Porg Statues Are the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen in This Galaxy

There we were, sitting in our Porg sweaters, petting our Porg plushies, and sipping from our Porg mugs, when suddenly we stumbled upon some truly glorious pictures posted on the LEGO Twitter account. Behold! There are indeed LEGO Porg statues on display in London, and we just can’t handle how wonderful they are. See for yourself:

Here’s a closer look:LEGO Porg eskimo kissing a child in LondonIt would literally be a dream come true to get an eskimo kiss from a LEGO Porg.3 LEGO Porgs lined up on steps in LondonYou know what’s better than one LEGO Porg? Three LEGO Porgs.3 gigantic LEGO Porgs in LondonScratch that—three gigantic LEGO Porgs. A LEGO Porg sitting on a bench in LondonWe’re loving the dreamy bokeh effect of the lights in London as they illuminate a LEGO Porg dramatically staring off into the distance.

These LEGO Porgs are the finest works of art we’ve seen in this entire galaxy. You can catch these space creatures in Star Wars: The Last Jedigrab your tickets now!

Posted 12 months Ago
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