9 Enchanting Disney Pets in Beauty and the Beast Costumes

We knew it—you woke up this morning thinking, “I would really love to see pictures of pets in Beauty and the Beast costumes!” Suddenly, you were scrolling through your feed when lo and behold there they were: your wildest dreams, in Oh My Disney article form. But seriously, who’d have ever thought that pets would be so great at recreating our favorite Beauty and the Beast moments and characters? Thanks to the magic of Disney Pets, now we all do.

  1. Who is she?

    The most beautiful pup in this whole provincial town.

  2. Feast your eyes on this Beast (and his best friend, Belle!).

    This also happened to be one of our favorites of 2017.

  3. Can’t get enough of children and their dogs dressed up as Belle and Beast? Here you go:

    We simply cannot.

  4. How about a pair of doggos?

    Talk about a tail as old as time.

  5. This time, with 100% more golden retrievers:

    See if you can spot some other familiar faces in this photo.

  6. Oh, “fewer dogs, more hedgehogs,” you say? Okay:

    You’re welcome.

  7. Be careful if Chip serves you this:

    You might get a surprise!

  8. We’d never shudder at this paw.

    In fact, we’d welcome it. Paw, please!

  9. No wonder they say Belle is the most beautiful:

    Iconic, amazing, beautiful, talented, regal, gorgeous.

Which Beauty and the Beast dog was your favorite?

Posted 3 years Ago
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