Original Space Mountain Imagineer Bill Watkins Visited Disneyland and Rode the Ride for the First Time in 13 Years

A Disney storyteller by heart, Disney Imagineer Bill Watkins designed the track layouts and framework for Space Mountain at Disneyland. Those tracks have taken over 250 million guests on a thrilling, high-flying journey through the galaxy since the attraction’s 1977 opening. This week, Bill, now in his 80s, reunited with the galactic attraction for the first time since the 50th anniversary of Disneyland in 2005, when Space Mountain officially re-launched with astronaut Neil Armstrong as the guest of honor. Take a look at Bill, just before his heartwarming reunion with the attraction he helped create:Disneyland hosted the special visit for Bill and cast members gave him a personal tour. Here Bill takes a look inside:Bill then got to board the ride and race through the cosmos while observing the inner workings of the attraction. Of course, as soon as the ride ended, he asked to go on it again. We also have a photo of Bill riding Space Mountain back in the 1970s. Take a look at this epic then and now moment: Seriously, this gives us chills. Bill played a part in the magic of Disney Parks attractions around the world as a Walt Disney Imagineer from 1966 to 1985. We can thank him for not only engineering the Space Mountain attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World (the first all-computer design of a Disney attraction), but also for engineering Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland and overseeing the mechanical design for the openings of Epcot and Tokyo Disneyland!We can’t imagine visiting the Disney Parks without soaring amongst the stars in Space Mountain! Thanks for the ride, Bill.

Posted 4 years Ago
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