Through Mysterious Puzzle Pieces, Alex Hirsch Revealed the Cover for the First-Ever Gravity Falls Graphic Novel

You like puzzles? We like puzzles too! As you’ve probably noticed lately, there have been mysterious puzzle pieces floating around the interwebs. It all started with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch’s Twitter account. Take a look at Hirsch’s mysterious post:

Jason Ritter, voice of Dipper, quickly replied:

There was a mystery afoot and who better than Gravity Falls fans to get on board to solve it? Here’s what happened next:

The Oregon Parks Department got into it:

We also found a puzzle piece:

Our friends at Disney XD got in on it as well:

Ritter then posted his own puzzle piece:

Soon fans like @thealdywaldy were finding puzzle pieces:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re here to show you that there is, in fact, a method to the #PuzzlingPines madness, which Hirsch finally revealed on his Twitter account last night. Ready for it? We are!

Behold the cover art for Gravity Falls: Lost Legends, the first-ever Gravity Falls original graphic novel with a collection of four all-new stories written by Alex Hirsch! Check it out:

Here’s what creator Alex Hirsch had to say about it:

We’re thoroughly intrigued by this artwork, designed by artists Joe Pitt and Ian Worrel. There’s no doubt that the rest of the artwork in the book will be equally awesome, thanks to these talented artists:

Asaf Hanuka
Dana Terrace
Jacob Chabot
Jim Campbell
Kyle Smeallie
Meredith Gran
Mike Holmes
Priscilla Tang
Serina Hernandez
Stephanie Ramirez
Valerie Halla

We’ll be putting our truth-seeking skills to use, scrupulously scanning each and every one of Schmebulock’s words when Gravity Falls: Lost Legends comes out!

Posted 3 years Ago
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