Arielle Jacobs Celebrated Her First Performance as Jasmine in Aladdin on Broadway With a Shout Out to Adam Jacobs

Broadway’s hit Aladdin has a whole new girl stepping onto the Magic Carpet as Princess Jasmine! Yesterday was Arielle Jacobs first day taking on her royal role as the Princess of Agrabah at the New Amsterdam Theatre, and we have no doubt that she was a star on stage.

Arielle completes the happy Broadway family in New York, consisting of Telly Leung as Aladdin, Major Attaway as Genie, and original Broadway cast member Jonathan Freeman as Jafar. She is a talented Broadway alum and the sister of the original Broadway Aladdin Adam Jacobs, who is currently in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater on the North American tour for Aladdin. Arielle is basically a real-life princess—truly a perfect fit for Jasmine! She took to Instagram to express her excitement, posting a charming throwback duet with her brother:

Talk about sibling goals! This adorable rendition of “Somebody’s Got Your Back” from the Original Broadway Cast Recording was part of their “Sibling Disobedience” concert two years ago, but you can hear the upbeat tune in either Aladdin on Broadway or Aladdin on Tour. Talent clearly runs in the family—ain’t it great?

Posted 4 months Ago
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