Disney’s Christopher Robin Director Marc Forster Is Ready for a New Generation to Fall in Love With Winnie the Pooh



Disney’s Christopher Robin is going to be such a beautiful movie, we can tell! We’ve been feeling emotional ever since we saw the first teaser trailer, and now the film is coming out so soon (August 3, to be exact)! We got the chance to talk to Christopher Robin director Marc Forster about what it’s like to bring this story to the masses. Read our interview below.

What drew you to wanting to direct Christopher Robin?

When I heard the concept and idea of the story, I thought I wanted to do it. It’s like re-visiting your childhood, and that was super exciting because it’s a beloved character, but a truly original concept. It’s not re-telling an old concept in that sense. You take the character and put him in a whole new situation, and I thought that was brilliant. I felt, in the times we live in, I want to see something that gives me hope. There’s nothing better than getting a hug by Pooh.

How does this interpretation of Pooh fit into what fans already know about him?

I went back and recreated the 1920s toys, which are very well-loved toys. It was very important to me that they have a little bit of wear and tear, and you feel like they have been played with and hugged by young Christopher Robin.

What is your history with Winnie the Pooh?

As so many, I grew up with the stories when I was a kid, so I always had this connection, this nostalgia. I have a daughter myself who I like to read the stories to, and we watched some of the cartoons. It’s just such an iconic character that I’m so in love with, and have this nostalgia from when I was a kid.

How do you describe your vision for the Hundred Acre Wood?

It was important for me that the Hundred Acre Wood is a place that feels real because that’s how it was: real. We shot very close to the Milne estate, out where his original house was in Suffolk … it just feels like that’s where Christopher Robin played. It’s not some fantastical place, it should feel like the real place.

Who’s your favorite character?

It’s definitely Winnie the Pooh for me.

What can fans expect out of this Pooh Bear?

I hope that they will be laughing, be emotionally moved … and walk out and say “I’m so happy that Pooh is back!” It’s a re-introduction of Pooh for a whole new generation.

What are you most excited for people to see?

Pooh and Christopher Robin’s relationship and journey. I think that journey and relationship is so priceless and lovely and wonderful, I can’t wait for people to see them.

We can’t wait to see them either! Christopher Robin will be in theaters August 3, 2018. Read about the cast here!

Posted 3 years Ago
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