Katy Perry and American Idol Contestant Noah Davis Teach Us “Wig”

ABC’s American Idol may still be in the early stages, but it’s clear that one of the judges already has a favorite.

In a recent viral clip, American Idol contestant Noah Davis and Katy Perry bonded after the judge heard Davis utter the expression “wig,” essentially signaling that his audition was about to become epic.

For those new to the expression, fear not, because Perry explained the term when she visited Jimmy Kimmel a few days ago, telling the late night host, “when someone sings really well— and they SANG, you know—they sing so well that the wig flies off.”

American Idol judge Katy Perry talks to Jimmy Kimmel on his show.

Perry elaborated further, adding, “Sometimes the glue is not strong enough to hold the VIBRATIONS, and the wig flies all across the room … That’s when you know you can really sang.”

We can’t wait to see if wigs continue to go flying when a new episode of American Idol premieres tonight March 12, at 8|7c on ABC. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.

Posted 3 years Ago
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