Everything We Know About Toy Story Land So Far

The toys are back! Now that Toy Story Land is open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, we’ve never been more ready for the ultimate playtime of our lives.

What exactly will it look like when you “shrink” to the size of a toy and hang out with your favorite Toy Story buddies—including Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and more—in Andy’s backyard at Toy Story Land?

To give you an idea, we’ve compiled everything we know about Toy Story Land, from behind-the-scenes shots of Imagineers building the mini model, to a first look at the construction site at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to videos of the attractions on Disney Parks Blog. Everything looks picture perfect! Take a peek:

And now, let’s see the Imagineers’ progress on making this marvelous model come to life:

Slinky Dog looks right at home on the Slinky Dog Dash, a roller coaster Andy has assembled from his Mega Coaster Play Kit. Here’s a sneak peek of the ride in action:

There are even more friends to meet! We’re so excited to get serenaded by our toy penguin pal Wheezy, who you can spot while riding Slinky Dog Dash:

Watch the Imagineers work their magic to bring Wheezy to life:

On the attraction, Wheezy will be singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” accompanied by Mike (the tape recorder) and Mr. Spell with commentary that he “texts.” Sounds like a party!

Alien Swirling Saucers

We’re also pretty excited to spin in the Alien Swirling Saucers from underneath “The Claw,” all while hearing the sounds of familiar music that has been updated to sound more electronic and, well, space-like!  You can join the Aliens as they fly past toy planets, space stations, and decor inspired by pizza. We love all things pizza, so we’re in.

Toy Story Mania

There are a variety of fast-paced games that are part of the new carnival game box experience coming to Toy Story Mania! You’ll be throwing everything from imaginary baseballs to cream pies at 3D objects in these games, so we hope you have good aim.

Characters Abound

Sarge and the Green Army Men from the hit Disney•Pixar "Toy Story" films will interact with guests in the new Toy Story Land when it opens June 30 at Walt Disney World Resort. The Green Army Men will "toy" with guests, leading them to a fun and interactive boot camp where potential recruits are tested in their abilities with Pixar balls and oversized crayons. Located at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the new 11-acre Toy Story Land will make guests feel like they have shrunk to the size of a toy in the setting of Andy's backyard. Guests will whoosh along on the family-friendly Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster, take a spin aboard Alien Swirling Saucers and score high on the midway at Toy Story Mania!

While you’re exploring the sights and sounds of Toy Story Land, you’ll most likely run into your favorite characters, including Sarge and the Green Army Man Drum Corps, who will be marching through the Park several times a day.

Woody’s Lunch BoxConcept art of Woody's Lunchbox, a dining place in Toy Story Land.

And we’re definitely making a pit stop at Woody’s Lunch Box for some tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats.

If you recall that exciting moment when you first saw the concept art for Toy Story Land, we must say it looks even more incredible now that it has come together in real life!


Last but not least, check out some of the awesome Toy Story merch that you can take home as a souvenir:

Definitely wearing this Slinky Dog headband all day at the Park, on the way home, and to sleep.

This adorable Alien headband will be chosen as our next souvenir.

Guests will have a choice in creative headwear when the new Toy Story Land opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios June 30, 2018. Kids and adults can "get their alien on" wearing new green headbands inspired by everyone's favorite aliens from the hit Disney●Pixar “Toy Story" films or they can don a cuddly version of Slinky Dog on their heads. The headbands are some of the many fun merchandise items that will be available in the new land that brings the world Disney●Pixar "Toy Story" films to life. The land is where Walt Disney World Resort guests will "shrink" to the size of a toy and explore Andy's backyard, ride the Slinky Dog Dash family-friendly coaster, go for a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers and experience 4D carnival midway games on Toy Story Mania!

We’re speechless! We’re so excited to see all our favorite Disney•Pixar characters come to life now that Toy Story Land is open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

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