The One Hilarious Detail You Never Noticed in The Princess Diaries

We love The Princess Diaries and consider ourselves Princess Diaries experts, so you can imagine our surprise when our teammate Amelia discovered a simple detail which is actually a huge (and pretty silly) insight into the personality of one of the characters.

This detail revolves around one Mr. Popular himself (and the early recipient of Mia’s affections) Josh Bryant, played by ‘90s teen icon Erik von Detten. Check it out:

That’s right. Josh Bryant. Had a boat. Called. THE JOSHER!

I repeat: this cool guy, named Josh:

a group of teens sit on a ledge, two boys and 3 girls in cheerleading uniforms. In the center, a teen boy with floppy blonde hair looks startled and there are red arrows pointing at his face, which has been circled. The words "cool guy alert" are superimposed on the image

Had this boat named “The Josher”:

Computer, please enhance this for good measure:

A small sailboat with a colorful sail. The boat is called "The Josher"
There it is: The Josher in all its glory. Honestly, this should have been Mia’s biggest red flag that Josh Bryant was bad news! Luckily, Mia learned soon enough that Josh was shady and went with a much better choice.

Besides, while Josh Bryant will always have his cute little sailboat named after him, Mia will be too busy running an entire country to feel left out in any way. All we have to say about that is:

A cheese pizza originally with the word SORRY written on it in candy. It has been photoshopped to add text that says "Sorry Not Sorry"

Had you noticed this hilarious detail in The Princess Diaries? See if you can catch it by watching it again!


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Posted 4 years Ago
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