These Mickey-Shaped Caramel Crispy Treats at Epcot Are Calling to Us

We’re pretty much always craving caramel treats, especially ones that are in the shape of Mickey. Today, we’re craving caramel even more than usual because it’s National Caramel Day! To properly celebrate this important holiday, it only makes sense that we treat ourselves to a caramel delicacy from the Disney Parks. And treat ourselves, we shall.

Behold, a beautifully caramel-drizzled crispy treat, in the shape of none other than Mickey himself:

This sweet Mickey-shaped treat is calling to us from Karamell-Küche in Epcot! You can indulge in your own caramel-drizzled, chocolate-covered Mickey-shaped crispy treat by visiting this cozy shop, which sits in Germany at the Epcot World Showcase. Rest assured that all of your caramel cravings will be satisfied at Karamell-Küche!

Happy National Caramel Day! Don’t forget to share your own Disney Parks selfie with a yummy Mickey-shaped crispy treat.

Posted 4 years Ago
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