Oh My Disney and shopDisney Present: The Little Mermaid Pool Party Collection

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? We sure think so over here at Oh My Disney! In fact, we’re excited to announce that these thingamabobs are dropping today as part of our exclusive new collection with shopDisney featuring The Little Mermaid Pool Party Line. As you’ll see below, we’ve gathered all the gadgets and gizmos one would need to have fun in the sun with Ariel, Ursula, Sebastian, Prince Eric, and even Flotsam and Jetsam. Take a look:


Ariel “Mermaid” Spirit Jersey

Channel your inner mermaid by adding this gorgeous spirit jersey to your collection! Shop it here.

Ariel Tie-Waist Tank Top

If you’re a bright young person who’s ready to stand, then we have the tank top for you. Shop it here.

Ariel Fin Towel

You’ll feel like Ariel during her first time on shore when you step out of the pool wrapped in this towel! Shop it here.

Flotsam and Jetsam Baseball Cap

Bring these little poopsies everywhere you go with this holographic-brimmed cap! Shop it here.

Ursula Cropped Hoodie

Rock this hoodie and we guarantee Ursula won’t call you a poor unfortunate soul. Shop it here.

Sebastian T-Shirt

When Sebastian speaks, we listen. Shop it here.

Ariel Leggings

We’ll be jumping and dancing in these gorgeous ombré leggings, reminiscent of Ariel’s fins! Shop it here.


Ariel 2-Piece Tote Bag

The word is “street,” in case you’re curious. Shop it here.

The Little Mermaid 2-Piece Pouch Set

Your dinglehoppers and thingamabobs are safe with Sebastian and Flounder. Shop it here.


The Little Mermaid Photo Booth Accessory Kit

You’re a photobooth accessory away from transforming into Ariel, Prince Eric, or Ursula—no binding contracts required! Shop it here.

Ariel Waterproof Phone Holder

Selfies in the pool, anyone? Shop it here.

The Little Mermaid Drink Sleeve Set

We can’t decide which sleeve is our favorite—life’s full of tough choices, innit? Shop it here.

Ariel Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker

We’d love a hot crustacean band to jam out to, but this speaker is even better. Shop it here.

Flounder Novelty Cup

Flounder can help you keep watch for sea witches while you swim! Shop it here.

Prince Eric Freezable Travel Water Bottle

For all the Prince Eric fans up where they walk. Shop it here.

For the Pool

Sebastian Pool Float

Get your head out of the clouds and back in the water with this Sebastian Float! Shop it here.

Flounder Pool Float

This Flounder float definitely isn’t a guppy. Shop it here.

The Little Mermaid Inflatable Cup Holders 

We’re never going thirsty with these adorable seahorses by our side. Shop it here.

Ariel Slides

After a swimming sesh, these are perfect to slide right onto your—whad’ya call ‘em—oh, feet. Shop it here.

All of the wonders a cavern can hold are in this collection, available at shopDisney and the Disney store, and we’re so thrilled to share it with you! Which treasures will you be making a part of your world?

Music and lyrics for “Part of Your World” were written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

Posted 3 years Ago
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