Everything We Learned From the Filmmakers About the Making of Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is speeding towards us faster than Dash on a heroic mission, and we could not be more excited for June 15! Before catching up with our favorite super family, we got a chance to chat with the film’s director Brad Bird, as well as producers John Walker and Nicole Grindle, about the making of Incredibles 2. Here’s what we learned:

  1. This movie will see a role reversal between Bob and Helen Parr.

    While in the first film Helen was at home taking care of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, Incredibles 2 will see Helen take on an important mission while Bob takes charge of the kids and home. Says Grindle: “[Bob’s] a little over-confident at first. He thinks, ‘I’m Mr. Incredible, I’ve got this.’ But I think any parent can relate to the idea that kids can wear you down.”

  2. There is one big scene in Incredibles 2 that filmmakers originally planned for the first Incredibles movie.

    We can’t say much about it, other than the fact that Brad Bird teased it “had no place in the first film,” but we can say that we’ve watched it and it is incredible.

  3. At its core, the film is still a story about family.

    “These films are strangely personal to me, because they don’t look like personal films,” mused Bird. “It’s a loud, fun, fast movie. I think all of us brought our feelings toward our family, either our feeling growing up or our feeling of having kids, to this film, and it makes it rich, because everyone’s families are represented.”

  4. While technological advances have made certain aspects of filmmaking easier, it still isn’t easy.

    “Before we had to lay a million invisible lights in order to simulate what light really does,” said Bird.

    “Now we can actually put a single light in, and it will bounce around the room the way a real light does. So lighting is still a problem, it’s still something that is an art … but the tools are much more comfortable for the artist to use.”

    Said Grindle: “You can change the technology all you want, but making the story is hard no matter how quickly you can make those pictures.” 

“Our paintbrushes are better than they ever have been—painting is still really hard,” Bird added.

  5. A couple characters might sound different.

    “We have a new Dash who is amazing, every bit as good as the first Dash, who was also amazing,” said Bird. Dash, whose original voice actor, Spencer Fox, is now 22 years old, will now be voiced by Huck Milner.

    Also, Rick Dicker, who was previously voiced by animator Bud Luckey, will now be voiced by Jonathan Banks.

  6. There are good reasons for why the story begins where the first film ended.

    “I picked the powers based on who they were in the family,” said Bird. “Men are always expected to be strong, so I had Bob have super strength. Mothers are always pulled in a million different directions, so I had her be elastic. Teenagers are insecure and defensive, so I had Violet have force fields and invisibility. Ten-year-olds are energy balls that can’t be stopped, and babies are unknowns. Maybe they have no powers, maybe they have all powers. We don’t know … So, that idea changes if you aged the characters up, and the insight into those periods of your life and those particular perspectives disappear once you age them up.”

    Super valid point!

  7. Frozone’s wife Honey appears in the movie, but not the way you think.

    Said Bird: “We wanted to show Honey in this movie. We didn’t end up doing it, because it’s funnier as a voice. So we actually went through all the trouble of designing the character, and the design appears in the movie, but not as Frozone’s wife.

Are you going to be searching for the Honey-that-could-have-been on the screen when you watch Incredibles 2? We certainly are! Incredibles 2 dashes into theatres June 15.

Posted 3 years Ago
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