The Cast and Directors of Avengers: Infinity War Play Marvel Cinematic Universe Would You Rather

You might think you know the cast and directors of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War after seeing the film in theaters this past weekend, but think again. You’d be surprised at how much a game of Marvel Cinematic Universe “Would You Rather” can reveal! Get to know your favorite heroes a little better by watching them play a speed round:

When asked if they would rather go to dinner with the Hulk or Bruce Banner, the responses were split.

Winston Duke (M’Baku), Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson, aka Falcon), and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier) all agreed that dinner with the Hulk would be a lot more fun. But Tom Hiddleston (Loki) has his own definition of fine dining and said:

“There wouldn’t be a restaurant left, so definitely Banner. A softer, gentler evening out, I would say.”

Tom Holland (Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man), on the other hand, is willing to take the risk. His response was:

“I’d kinda like to have dinner with the Hulk.”

But Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) is on the same page as Hiddleston, shaking his head to Holland’s answer and saying:


We love this cast so much. Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now! Have you gotten your tickets yet?

Posted 10 months Ago
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