We Found a Lilo & Stitch Easter Egg That You Might Have Missed

One thing we love about watching Disney movies is that serendipitous feeling when we discover a new Easter egg. You may have watched Lilo & Stitch so many times that you are practically an honorary member of their ’ohana, but we found an Easter egg that you may have missed after all these years! Take a look:

Does this scene look familiar? Pictured here is a legal document that the shelter attendant prepares, capturing that celebratory moment at the local animal shelter after Lilo picks Stitch up as her new pet. The moment is brief, but you’ll realize that if you zoom in, the contract thanks everyone involved in the making of Lilo & Stitch! Here’s what it says:

“Let it be known and stated in this, the fiftieth state of the union, on this, the 22nd day of September, 2001 that the Directors and Producer of the animated project LILO & STITCH (the “Picture”) wish to recognize the hard work and amazing talent of the Florida Feature Animation Studio, including but not limited to, the artists, production management team and overhead departments, as well as acknowledge their meritorious service in conjunction with the production of the Picture. Additional recognition is given to California and Paris Feature Animation, as well as our partners at Disney-MGM Studios for their participation and support during the making of Lilo & Stitch.”

And the rest is history! What’s more, the adoption magistrate’s signature reads “Susan Hegarty,” who just so happens to be the voice actress of the character who runs the animal shelter. How cool is that? Time to watch Lilo & Stitch again and make sure that no Easter egg gets left behind or forgotten!

Posted 4 years Ago
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