Anthony Evans Talks Playing Beast for Tonight’s Beauty and the Beast at the Hollywood Bowl

This weekend, Beauty and the Beast takes on the famed Hollywood Bowl with a star-studded cast, including Zooey Deschanel as Belle, Taye Diggs as Gaston, Kelsey Grammer as Lumiere, and Anthony Evans as Beast. In fact, we were able to talk to Evans about his upcoming role and what Beauty and the Beast means to him. Here’s what we found out:

What was your reaction when you found out you’d be a part of this performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Hollywood Bowl?

I was surprised and at the same time honored honestly. This all came about really fast.  


Do you remember the first time you saw Beauty and the Beast?

Yes, I was a kid and remember loving it! Watching it again is bringing back so many memories!


Did you re-watch the movie recently to prepare?

I’m literally rewatching right now to make sure that I’m embodying Beast while on stage. I have watched the movie a few times and also been rehearsing the songs with what I would perceive as the emotions of Beast.


What’s your favorite song in Beauty and the Beast?

I will always love “Be Our Guest” because of the memories it brings back. “Evermore” from the live action remake has become a favorite too.


What character in Beauty and the Beast are you most like in real life?

I would have to say Beast. Especially now!


What is it like behind-the-scenes while you’re rehearsing?

It’s so much fun and a good amount of work making sure that everything is right. I love what I do, so I consider it the good kind of work.


What has it been like performing with your fellow cast mates?

It’s an honor to be with so many people who I have respected from afar for so long.  There is always so much to learn about what I do and being with my cast mates is like a Masterclass.


Will we see anything new in this performance?

I believe you will but you have to wait and see what it is!


Why do you think the story of Beauty and the Beast is important?  

I think it’s so important especially now and in a town like LA to realize that there is so much more to people we come in contact with than what we see. If we make the important decision of not judging a book by it’s cover we can then uncover the beauty and hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface.

Will you be watching Anthony take on the role of Beast at The Hollywood Bowl? Let us know in the comments. Make sure to get your tickets for tonight Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26! In the meantime, take a look at our 10 Most Important Beauty and the Beast Quotes According to You.

Posted 8 months Ago
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