You Can Now Visit the Parr’s New Home from Incredibles 2 on Zillow


We recently got a glimpse of the Parr family’s swanky new home when we spoke with the production design team behind Incredibles 2, and now we can virtually visit this cinematic home on Zillow!

The nearly 20,000 square foot mansion boasts four beds and four baths, floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor rock formations, and a bright yellow kitchen perfectly fit for this family of five. It’s very safe to say we want to live there. Check out this living area that is nothing short of incredible.

A large mid-century modern style grand room with orange, retro-futuristic furniture. A rock formation is on the wall, creating a fireplace, and large floor-to-ceiling windows show a blue sky with white clouds

The Zillow listing adds: “You’ll be the hero of hosting with remote-controlled features in the grand room, like a fireplace and movable flooring that reveal pools filled by waterfalls from above.” Count us in, please!

And this kitchen! So bright and fun.

A mid-century modern kitchen with yellow paint on the walls and a light teal refrigerator. On the kitchen island, there are 4 wooden stools with orange cushions

The team behind Incredibles 2 was inspired by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and mid-century modern homes and buildings they visited while on a trip to Palm Springs.

“It’s easy to find colors and textures, palettes that are specific to mid-century design, so we just picked up on those and used them throughout the film,” Bryn Imagire, the film’s Art Director, told us.

The Zillow listing notes the many ways in which the home is just right for a family with superpowers, like secret entrances: “For those who require a certain amount of anonymity, you’ll feel nearly invisible with multiple secret entrances, including a garage concealed by a waterfall. Perfect for protecting secret identities.”

This bedroom is pretty super as well:

A simple mid-century modern bedroom with wooden walls and built-in furniture, with white and gold decor elements. On the bed, there are pale yellow sheets and white pillows.
Check out more pictures of this gorgeous mansion on Zillow! While the price is undisclosed, we’re saving up our imaginary pennies to snap up this Municiberg mansion ASAP. Incredibles 2 will be in theatres June 15.

Posted 3 years Ago
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