We Celebrated the Holidays in Summer With The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-Up Experience at San Diego Comic-Con

We’ve always loved the idea of celebrating the holidays during summertime. According to Jack Skellington, it’s always a good time to spread holiday cheer!

That’s exactly what went down at The Nightmare Before Christmas pocket pop-up experience at San Diego Comic-Con! To celebrate 25 years of the iconic film, we stepped right into Jack’s shoes, peeked inside a magic doorway, and witnessed his first look of Christmas Town with our very own eyes. Take a look at the magical tree:

We even ran into legendary The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick, before Jack started to pull him in!

Our curiosity was piqued, so we peered into Christmas Town:

What a view! We can’t believe our eyes.

But what’s this? There was even more decor, featuring the many faces of Jack himself. Inspired by Disney and Disney•Pixar movies, artisans from around the world added their own creative touch to a vinyl Jack head. The results are simply delightful! Check them out:

We’re not sure whether we should feel frightened or festive or both, but we think the Pumpkin King would approve! Experiencing The Nightmare Before Christmas 25th anniversary pop-up at San Diego Comic-Con was the best present ever.

Music and lyrics for “What’s This?” were written by Danny Elfman.

Posted 1 year Ago
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